Class TaskMeterLogEntity

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, DbEntity, HasDbReferences

public class TaskMeterLogEntity extends Object implements DbEntity, HasDbReferences, Serializable
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  • Field Details

    • id

      protected String id
    • timestamp

      protected Date timestamp
    • assigneeHash

      protected long assigneeHash
  • Constructor Details

    • TaskMeterLogEntity

      public TaskMeterLogEntity(String assignee, Date timestamp)
    • TaskMeterLogEntity

      public TaskMeterLogEntity()
  • Method Details

    • createHashAsLong

      protected long createHashAsLong(String assignee)
    • getId

      public String getId()
      Specified by:
      getId in interface DbEntity
    • setId

      public void setId(String id)
      Specified by:
      setId in interface DbEntity
    • getTimestamp

      public Date getTimestamp()
    • setTimestamp

      public void setTimestamp(Date timestamp)
    • getAssigneeHash

      public long getAssigneeHash()
    • setAssigneeHash

      public void setAssigneeHash(long assigneeHash)
    • getPersistentState

      public Object getPersistentState()
      Description copied from interface: DbEntity
      Returns a representation of the object, as would be stored in the database. Used when deciding if updates have occurred to the object or not since it was last loaded.
      Specified by:
      getPersistentState in interface DbEntity
    • getReferencedEntityIds

      public Set<String> getReferencedEntityIds()
      Description copied from interface: HasDbReferences

      Scope: IN-MEMORY references

      Specified by:
      getReferencedEntityIds in interface HasDbReferences
      the ids of the entities that this entity references. Should only return ids for entities of the same type
    • getReferencedEntitiesIdAndClass

      public Map<String,Class> getReferencedEntitiesIdAndClass()
      Description copied from interface: HasDbReferences

      Scope: IN-MEMORY references

      Specified by:
      getReferencedEntitiesIdAndClass in interface HasDbReferences
      a map of the ids and the entities' classes that this entity references. It's used when trying to determine if there was an Optimistic Locking occurrence on an INSERT or UPDATE of an object of this type.