All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, DbEntity, DbEntityLifecycleAware, HasDbReferences, HasDbRevision, Job
Direct Known Subclasses:
EverLivingJobEntity, MessageEntity, TimerEntity

public abstract class JobEntity extends AcquirableJobEntity implements Serializable, Job, DbEntity, HasDbRevision, HasDbReferences, DbEntityLifecycleAware
Stub of the common parts of a Job. You will normally work with a subclass of JobEntity, such as TimerEntity or MessageEntity.
Tom Baeyens, Nick Burch, Dave Syer, Frederik Heremans
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  • Field Details


      public static final int DEFAULT_RETRIES
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    • executionId

      protected String executionId
    • processDefinitionId

      protected String processDefinitionId
    • processDefinitionKey

      protected String processDefinitionKey
    • retries

      protected int retries
    • suspensionState

      protected int suspensionState
    • jobHandlerType

      protected String jobHandlerType
    • jobHandlerConfiguration

      protected String jobHandlerConfiguration
    • exceptionByteArray

      protected ByteArrayEntity exceptionByteArray
    • exceptionByteArrayId

      protected String exceptionByteArrayId
    • exceptionMessage

      protected String exceptionMessage
    • deploymentId

      protected String deploymentId
    • jobDefinitionId

      protected String jobDefinitionId
    • priority

      protected long priority
    • tenantId

      protected String tenantId
    • createTime

      protected Date createTime
    • activityId

      protected String activityId
    • jobDefinition

      protected JobDefinition jobDefinition
    • execution

      protected ExecutionEntity execution
    • sequenceCounter

      protected long sequenceCounter
    • lastFailureLogId

      protected String lastFailureLogId
    • failedActivityId

      protected String failedActivityId
    • persistedDependentEntities

      protected Map<String,Class> persistedDependentEntities
  • Constructor Details

    • JobEntity

      public JobEntity()
  • Method Details

    • execute

      public void execute(CommandContext commandContext)
    • preExecute

      protected void preExecute(CommandContext commandContext)
    • postExecute

      protected void postExecute(CommandContext commandContext)
    • init

      public void init(CommandContext commandContext)
    • init

      public void init(CommandContext commandContext, boolean shouldResetLock, boolean shouldCallDeleteHandler)
    • insert

      public void insert()
    • delete

      public void delete()
    • delete

      public void delete(boolean incidentResolved)
    • getPersistentState

      public Object getPersistentState()
      Description copied from interface: DbEntity
      Returns a representation of the object, as would be stored in the database. Used when deciding if updates have occurred to the object or not since it was last loaded.
      Specified by:
      getPersistentState in interface DbEntity
      getPersistentState in class AcquirableJobEntity
    • setExecution

      public void setExecution(ExecutionEntity execution)
    • getSequenceCounter

      public long getSequenceCounter()
    • setSequenceCounter

      public void setSequenceCounter(long sequenceCounter)
    • incrementSequenceCounter

      public void incrementSequenceCounter()
    • getExecutionId

      public String getExecutionId()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      Returns the specific execution on which the job was created.
      Specified by:
      getExecutionId in interface Job
    • setExecutionId

      public void setExecutionId(String executionId)
    • getExecution

      public ExecutionEntity getExecution()
    • ensureExecutionInitialized

      protected void ensureExecutionInitialized()
    • getRetries

      public int getRetries()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      Returns the number of retries this job has left. Whenever the jobexecutor fails to execute the job, this value is decremented. When it hits zero, the job is supposed to be dead and not retried again (ie a manual retry is required then).
      Specified by:
      getRetries in interface Job
    • setRetries

      public void setRetries(int retries)
    • setRetriesFromPersistence

      public void setRetriesFromPersistence(int retries)
    • createFailedJobIncident

      protected void createFailedJobIncident()
    • removeFailedJobIncident

      protected void removeFailedJobIncident(boolean incidentResolved)
    • createIncidentContext

      protected IncidentContext createIncidentContext()
    • getExceptionStacktrace

      public String getExceptionStacktrace()
    • setSuspensionState

      public void setSuspensionState(int state)
    • getSuspensionState

      public int getSuspensionState()
    • isSuspended

      public boolean isSuspended()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      Indicates whether this job is suspended. If a job is suspended, the job will be not acquired by the job executor.
      Specified by:
      isSuspended in interface Job
      true if this Job is currently suspended.
    • getProcessDefinitionId

      public String getProcessDefinitionId()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      Returns the id of the process definition which created the job.
      Specified by:
      getProcessDefinitionId in interface Job
    • setProcessDefinitionId

      public void setProcessDefinitionId(String processDefinitionId)
    • getProcessDefinitionKey

      public String getProcessDefinitionKey()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      Returns the key of the process definition which created the job.
      Specified by:
      getProcessDefinitionKey in interface Job
    • setProcessDefinitionKey

      public void setProcessDefinitionKey(String processDefinitionKey)
    • setExceptionStacktrace

      public void setExceptionStacktrace(String exception)
    • getJobHandler

      protected JobHandler getJobHandler()
    • getJobHandlerConfiguration

      public JobHandlerConfiguration getJobHandlerConfiguration()
    • setJobHandlerConfiguration

      public void setJobHandlerConfiguration(JobHandlerConfiguration configuration)
    • getJobHandlerType

      public String getJobHandlerType()
    • setJobHandlerType

      public void setJobHandlerType(String jobHandlerType)
    • getJobHandlerConfigurationRaw

      public String getJobHandlerConfigurationRaw()
    • setJobHandlerConfigurationRaw

      public void setJobHandlerConfigurationRaw(String jobHandlerConfiguration)
    • getExceptionMessage

      public String getExceptionMessage()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      Returns the message of the exception that occurred, the last time the job was executed. Returns null when no exception occurred. To get the full exception stacktrace, use ManagementService.getJobExceptionStacktrace(String)
      Specified by:
      getExceptionMessage in interface Job
    • getJobDefinitionId

      public String getJobDefinitionId()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      The id of the JobDefinition for this job.
      Specified by:
      getJobDefinitionId in interface Job
    • setJobDefinitionId

      public void setJobDefinitionId(String jobDefinitionId)
    • getJobDefinition

      public JobDefinition getJobDefinition()
    • setJobDefinition

      public void setJobDefinition(JobDefinition jobDefinition)
    • ensureJobDefinitionInitialized

      protected void ensureJobDefinitionInitialized()
    • setExceptionMessage

      public void setExceptionMessage(String exceptionMessage)
    • getExceptionByteArrayId

      public String getExceptionByteArrayId()
    • getExceptionByteArray

      protected ByteArrayEntity getExceptionByteArray()
    • ensureExceptionByteArrayInitialized

      protected void ensureExceptionByteArrayInitialized()
    • clearFailedJobException

      protected void clearFailedJobException()
    • getDeploymentId

      public String getDeploymentId()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      Returns the id of the deployment in which context the job was created.
      Specified by:
      getDeploymentId in interface Job
    • setDeploymentId

      public void setDeploymentId(String deploymentId)
    • isInInconsistentLockState

      public boolean isInInconsistentLockState()
    • resetLock

      public void resetLock()
    • getActivityId

      public String getActivityId()
    • setActivityId

      public void setActivityId(String activityId)
    • getPriority

      public long getPriority()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      The job's priority that is a hint to job acquisition.
      Specified by:
      getPriority in interface Job
    • setPriority

      public void setPriority(long priority)
    • getTenantId

      public String getTenantId()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      The id of the tenant this job belongs to. Can be null if the job belongs to no single tenant.
      Specified by:
      getTenantId in interface Job
    • setTenantId

      public void setTenantId(String tenantId)
    • getCreateTime

      public Date getCreateTime()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      The date/time when this job has been created
      Specified by:
      getCreateTime in interface Job
    • setCreateTime

      public void setCreateTime(Date createTime)
    • ensureActivityIdInitialized

      protected void ensureActivityIdInitialized()
    • unlock

      public void unlock()
      Unlock from current lock owner
    • getType

      public abstract String getType()
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object obj)
      equals in class AcquirableJobEntity
    • getReferencedEntityIds

      public Set<String> getReferencedEntityIds()
      Description copied from interface: HasDbReferences

      Scope: IN-MEMORY references

      Specified by:
      getReferencedEntityIds in interface HasDbReferences
      the ids of the entities that this entity references. Should only return ids for entities of the same type
    • getReferencedEntitiesIdAndClass

      public Map<String,Class> getReferencedEntitiesIdAndClass()
      Description copied from interface: HasDbReferences

      Scope: IN-MEMORY references

      Specified by:
      getReferencedEntitiesIdAndClass in interface HasDbReferences
      a map of the ids and the entities' classes that this entity references. It's used when trying to determine if there was an Optimistic Locking occurrence on an INSERT or UPDATE of an object of this type.
    • getDependentEntities

      public Map<String,Class> getDependentEntities()
      Description copied from interface: HasDbReferences

      Scope: PERSISTED references

      Specified by:
      getDependentEntities in interface HasDbReferences
    • postLoad

      public void postLoad()
      Specified by:
      postLoad in interface DbEntityLifecycleAware
    • getLastFailureLogId

      public String getLastFailureLogId()
    • setLastFailureLogId

      public void setLastFailureLogId(String lastFailureLogId)
    • getFailedActivityId

      public String getFailedActivityId()
      Description copied from interface: Job
      Returns the id of the activity on which the last exception occurred.
      Specified by:
      getFailedActivityId in interface Job
    • setFailedActivityId

      public void setFailedActivityId(String failedActivityId)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class AcquirableJobEntity