Class JobAcquisitionContext


public class JobAcquisitionContext extends Object
Thorben Lindhauer
  • Field Details

    • rejectedJobBatchesByEngine

      protected Map<String,List<List<String>>> rejectedJobBatchesByEngine
    • acquiredJobsByEngine

      protected Map<String,AcquiredJobs> acquiredJobsByEngine
    • additionalJobBatchesByEngine

      protected Map<String,List<List<String>>> additionalJobBatchesByEngine
    • acquisitionException

      protected Exception acquisitionException
    • acquisitionTime

      protected long acquisitionTime
    • isJobAdded

      protected boolean isJobAdded
  • Constructor Details

    • JobAcquisitionContext

      public JobAcquisitionContext()
  • Method Details

    • submitRejectedBatch

      public void submitRejectedBatch(String engineName, List<String> jobIds)
    • submitAcquiredJobs

      public void submitAcquiredJobs(String engineName, AcquiredJobs acquiredJobs)
    • submitAdditionalJobBatch

      public void submitAdditionalJobBatch(String engineName, List<String> jobIds)
    • reset

      public void reset()
    • areAllEnginesIdle

      public boolean areAllEnginesIdle()
      true, if for all engines there were less jobs acquired than requested
    • hasJobAcquisitionLockFailureOccurred

      public boolean hasJobAcquisitionLockFailureOccurred()
      true if at least one job could not be locked, regardless of engine
    • setAcquisitionTime

      public void setAcquisitionTime(long acquisitionTime)
    • getAcquisitionTime

      public long getAcquisitionTime()
    • getAcquiredJobsByEngine

      public Map<String,AcquiredJobs> getAcquiredJobsByEngine()
      Jobs that were acquired in the current acquisition cycle.
    • getRejectedJobsByEngine

      public Map<String,List<List<String>>> getRejectedJobsByEngine()
      Jobs that were rejected from execution in the acquisition cycle due to lacking execution resources. With an execution thread pool, these jobs could not be submitted due to saturation of the underlying job queue.
    • getAdditionalJobsByEngine

      public Map<String,List<List<String>>> getAdditionalJobsByEngine()
      Jobs that have been acquired in previous cycles and are supposed to be re-submitted for execution
    • setAcquisitionException

      public void setAcquisitionException(Exception e)
    • getAcquisitionException

      public Exception getAcquisitionException()
    • setJobAdded

      public void setJobAdded(boolean isJobAdded)
    • isJobAdded

      public boolean isJobAdded()