Class HistoricCaseActivityInstanceEventEntity

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, DbEntity, HistoricEntity
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class HistoricCaseActivityInstanceEventEntity extends HistoricScopeInstanceEvent

HistoryEvent implementation for events that happen in a case activity.

Sebastian Menski
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  • Field Details

    • caseActivityId

      protected String caseActivityId
      the id of the case activity
    • caseActivityName

      protected String caseActivityName
      the name of the case activity
    • caseActivityType

      protected String caseActivityType
      the type of the case activity
    • caseActivityInstanceState

      protected int caseActivityInstanceState
      the state of this case activity instance
    • parentCaseActivityInstanceId

      protected String parentCaseActivityInstanceId
      the id of the parent case activity instance
    • taskId

      protected String taskId
      the id of the called task in case of a human task
    • calledProcessInstanceId

      protected String calledProcessInstanceId
      the id of the called process in case of a process task
    • calledCaseInstanceId

      protected String calledCaseInstanceId
      the id of the called case in case of a case task
    • tenantId

      protected String tenantId
      id of the tenant which belongs to the case activity instance
    • required

      protected boolean required
      the flag whether this case activity is required
  • Constructor Details

    • HistoricCaseActivityInstanceEventEntity

      public HistoricCaseActivityInstanceEventEntity()
  • Method Details

    • getCaseExecutionId

      public String getCaseExecutionId()
      getCaseExecutionId in class HistoryEvent
    • getCaseActivityId

      public String getCaseActivityId()
    • setCaseActivityId

      public void setCaseActivityId(String caseActivityId)
    • getCaseActivityName

      public String getCaseActivityName()
    • setCaseActivityName

      public void setCaseActivityName(String caseActivityName)
    • getCaseActivityType

      public String getCaseActivityType()
    • setCaseActivityType

      public void setCaseActivityType(String caseActivityType)
    • getCaseActivityInstanceState

      public int getCaseActivityInstanceState()
    • setCaseActivityInstanceState

      public void setCaseActivityInstanceState(int caseActivityInstanceState)
    • getParentCaseActivityInstanceId

      public String getParentCaseActivityInstanceId()
    • setParentCaseActivityInstanceId

      public void setParentCaseActivityInstanceId(String parentCaseActivityInstanceId)
    • getTaskId

      public String getTaskId()
    • setTaskId

      public void setTaskId(String taskId)
    • getCalledProcessInstanceId

      public String getCalledProcessInstanceId()
    • setCalledProcessInstanceId

      public void setCalledProcessInstanceId(String calledProcessInstanceId)
    • getCalledCaseInstanceId

      public String getCalledCaseInstanceId()
    • setCalledCaseInstanceId

      public void setCalledCaseInstanceId(String calledCaseInstanceId)
    • getTenantId

      public String getTenantId()
    • setTenantId

      public void setTenantId(String tenantId)
    • getCreateTime

      public Date getCreateTime()
    • setCreateTime

      public void setCreateTime(Date createTime)
    • isRequired

      public boolean isRequired()
    • setRequired

      public void setRequired(boolean required)
    • isAvailable

      public boolean isAvailable()
    • isEnabled

      public boolean isEnabled()
    • isDisabled

      public boolean isDisabled()
    • isActive

      public boolean isActive()
    • isSuspended

      public boolean isSuspended()
    • isCompleted

      public boolean isCompleted()
    • isTerminated

      public boolean isTerminated()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class HistoryEvent