Class RequestFilter


public class RequestFilter extends Object

A request matcher that matches uris compatible to the JAX-RS syntax and extracts the arguments on match.

Example uris: /some/url/{param1}/{param2}/{param3:.*} /some/url/{param1:foo}/.*
Daniel Meyer, nico.rehwaldt
  • Field Details

    • methods

      protected String[] methods
    • pattern

      protected Pattern pattern
  • Constructor Details

    • RequestFilter

      public RequestFilter(String pattern, String applicationPath, String... methods)
  • Method Details

    • match

      public Map<String,String> match(String requestMethod, String requestUri)
    • isMethodMatched

      protected boolean isMethodMatched(String requestMethod)
    • matchRequestUri

      protected Map<String,String> matchRequestUri(String requestUri)
    • setPattern

      protected final void setPattern(String pattern, String applicationPath)
      Sets the uri pattern for this matcher
      pattern -