Class ReflectUtil


public abstract class ReflectUtil extends Object
Tom Baeyens
  • Constructor Details

    • ReflectUtil

      public ReflectUtil()
  • Method Details

    • getClassLoader

      public static ClassLoader getClassLoader()
    • loadClass

      public static Class<?> loadClass(String className)
    • loadClass

      public static <T> Class<? extends T> loadClass(String className, ClassLoader customClassloader, Class<T> clazz) throws ClassNotFoundException, ClassCastException
    • getResourceAsStream

      public static InputStream getResourceAsStream(String name)
    • getResource

      public static URL getResource(String name)
    • getResourceUrlAsString

      public static String getResourceUrlAsString(String name)
    • urlToURI

      public static URI urlToURI(URL url)
      Converts an url to an uri. Escapes whitespaces if needed.
      url - the url to convert
      the resulting uri
      ProcessEngineException - if the url has invalid syntax
    • instantiate

      public static Object instantiate(String className)
    • instantiate

      public static <T> T instantiate(Class<T> type)
    • createInstance

      public static <T> T createInstance(Class<? extends T> clazz)
    • invoke

      public static Object invoke(Object target, String methodName, Object[] args)
    • getField

      public static Field getField(String fieldName, Object object)
      Returns the field of the given object or null if it doesnt exist.
    • getField

      public static Field getField(String fieldName, Class<?> clazz)
      Returns the field of the given class or null if it doesnt exist.
    • setField

      public static void setField(Field field, Object object, Object value)
    • getSetter

      public static Method getSetter(String fieldName, Class<?> clazz, Class<?> fieldType)
      Returns the setter-method for the given field name or null if no setter exists.
    • getSingleSetter

      public static Method getSingleSetter(String fieldName, Class<?> clazz)
      Returns a setter method based on the fieldName and the java beans setter naming convention or null if none exists. If multiple setters with different parameter types are present, an exception is thrown. If they have the same parameter type, one of those methods is returned.
    • instantiate

      public static Object instantiate(String className, Object[] args)
    • getMethod

      public static Method getMethod(Class<?> declaringType, String methodName, Class<?>... parameterTypes)
      Finds a method by name and parameter types.
      declaringType - the name of the class
      methodName - the name of the method to look for
      parameterTypes - the types of the parameters