Class Authentication


public class Authentication extends Object

Allows to expose the id of the currently authenticated user, his groups and his tenants to the process engine.

The current authentication is managed using a Thread Local. The value can be set using #setCurrentAuthentication(String, List), retrieved using #getCurrentAuthentication() and cleared using #clearCurrentAuthentication().

Users typically do not use this class directly but rather use the corresponding Service API methods:

Tom Baeyens, Daniel Meyer
  • Field Details

    • authenticatedUserId

      protected String authenticatedUserId
    • authenticatedGroupIds

      protected List<String> authenticatedGroupIds
    • authenticatedTenantIds

      protected List<String> authenticatedTenantIds
  • Constructor Details

    • Authentication

      public Authentication()
    • Authentication

      public Authentication(String authenticatedUserId, List<String> groupIds)
    • Authentication

      public Authentication(String authenticatedUserId, List<String> authenticatedGroupIds, List<String> authenticatedTenantIds)
  • Method Details

    • getGroupIds

      public List<String> getGroupIds()
    • getUserId

      public String getUserId()
    • getTenantIds

      public List<String> getTenantIds()