Class JuelExpressionManager

All Implemented Interfaces:
ElProviderCompatible, ExpressionManager
Direct Known Subclasses:
CdiExpressionManager, MockExpressionManager, SpringExpressionManager

public class JuelExpressionManager extends Object implements ExpressionManager, ElProviderCompatible
JUEL-specific implementation of an ExpressionManager.
Tom Baeyens, Dave Syer, Frederik Heremans
  • Field Details

    • functions

      protected Map<String,Method> functions
    • expressionFactory

      protected ExpressionFactory expressionFactory
    • beans

      protected Map<Object,Object> beans
    • initialized

      protected volatile boolean initialized
    • elResolver

      protected ELResolver elResolver
    • functionMapper

      protected FunctionMapper functionMapper
    • parsingElContext

      protected ELContext parsingElContext
    • elProvider

      protected volatile ElProvider elProvider
  • Constructor Details

    • JuelExpressionManager

      public JuelExpressionManager()
    • JuelExpressionManager

      public JuelExpressionManager(Map<Object,Object> beans)
  • Method Details

    • createExpression

      public Expression createExpression(String expression)
      Specified by:
      createExpression in interface ExpressionManager
      a parsed expression
    • addFunction

      public void addFunction(String name, Method function)
      Description copied from interface: ExpressionManager

      Adds a custom function to the expression manager that can be used in expression evaluation later on. Ideally, use this in the setup phase of the expression manager, i.e. before the first invocation of createExpression.

      Specified by:
      addFunction in interface ExpressionManager
    • createValueExpression

      public ValueExpression createValueExpression(String expression)
    • setExpressionFactory

      public void setExpressionFactory(ExpressionFactory expressionFactory)
    • getElContext

      public ELContext getElContext(VariableScope variableScope)
    • createElContext

      public ELContext createElContext(VariableContext variableContext)
    • createElContext

      protected ProcessEngineElContext createElContext(VariableScope variableScope)
    • ensureInitialized

      protected void ensureInitialized()
    • createElResolver

      protected ELResolver createElResolver()
    • createFunctionMapper

      protected FunctionMapper createFunctionMapper()
    • toElProvider

      public ElProvider toElProvider()
      Specified by:
      toElProvider in interface ElProviderCompatible
      an ElProvider
    • createElProvider

      protected ElProvider createElProvider()