Interface CmmnCaseInstance

All Superinterfaces:
BaseDelegateExecution, CmmnActivityExecution, CmmnModelExecutionContext, DelegateCaseExecution, ProcessEngineServicesAware, VariableScope
All Known Implementing Classes:
CaseExecutionEntity, CaseExecutionImpl, CmmnExecution

public interface CmmnCaseInstance extends CmmnActivityExecution
Roman Smirnov
  • Method Details

    • create

      void create()

      This case instance transitions to ACTIVE state.

    • create

      void create(Map<String,Object> variables)

      This case instance transitions to ACTIVE state.

      The given variables will be set a case instance variables.

    • findCaseExecution

      CmmnActivityExecution findCaseExecution(String activityId)

      Find a case execution by the given activityId.

      activityId - the id of the activity to which a case execution is associated.
      returns a case execution or null if a case execution could not be found.