Interface HistoricTaskInstance

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public interface HistoricTaskInstance
Represents a historic task instance (waiting, finished or deleted) that is stored permanent for statistics, audit and other business intelligence purposes.
Tom Baeyens
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      The unique identifier of this historic task instance. This is the same identifier as the runtime Task instance.
    • getProcessDefinitionKey

      String getProcessDefinitionKey()
      Process definition key reference.
    • getProcessDefinitionId

      String getProcessDefinitionId()
      Process definition reference.
    • getRootProcessInstanceId

      String getRootProcessInstanceId()
      Root process instance reference.
    • getProcessInstanceId

      String getProcessInstanceId()
      Process instance reference.
    • getExecutionId

      String getExecutionId()
      Execution reference.
    • getCaseDefinitionKey

      String getCaseDefinitionKey()
      Case definition key reference.
    • getCaseDefinitionId

      String getCaseDefinitionId()
      Case definition reference.
    • getCaseInstanceId

      String getCaseInstanceId()
      Case instance reference.
    • getCaseExecutionId

      String getCaseExecutionId()
      Case execution reference.
    • getActivityInstanceId

      String getActivityInstanceId()
      Activity instance reference.
    • getName

      String getName()
      The latest name given to this task.
    • getDescription

      String getDescription()
      The latest description given to this task.
    • getDeleteReason

      String getDeleteReason()
      The reason why this task was deleted {'completed' | 'deleted' | any other user defined string }.
    • getOwner

      String getOwner()
      Task owner
    • getAssignee

      String getAssignee()
      The latest assignee given to this task.
    • getStartTime

      Date getStartTime()
      Time when the task started.
    • getEndTime

      Date getEndTime()
      Time when the task was deleted or completed.
    • getDurationInMillis

      Long getDurationInMillis()
      Difference between getEndTime() and getStartTime() in milliseconds.
    • getTaskDefinitionKey

      String getTaskDefinitionKey()
      Task definition key.
    • getPriority

      int getPriority()
      Task priority
    • getDueDate

      Date getDueDate()
      Task due date
    • getParentTaskId

      String getParentTaskId()
      The parent task of this task, in case this task was a subtask
    • getFollowUpDate

      Date getFollowUpDate()
      Task follow-up date
    • getTenantId

      String getTenantId()
      The id of the tenant this historic task instance belongs to. Can be null if the historic task instance belongs to no single tenant.
    • getRemovalTime

      Date getRemovalTime()
      The time the historic task instance will be removed.