Interface CleanableHistoricDecisionInstanceReportResult

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public interface CleanableHistoricDecisionInstanceReportResult
This interface defines the result of Cleanable historic decision instance report.
  • Method Details

    • getDecisionDefinitionId

      String getDecisionDefinitionId()
      Returns the decision definition id for the selected definition.
    • getDecisionDefinitionKey

      String getDecisionDefinitionKey()
      Returns the decision definition key for the selected definition.
    • getDecisionDefinitionName

      String getDecisionDefinitionName()
      Returns the decision definition name for the selected definition.
    • getDecisionDefinitionVersion

      int getDecisionDefinitionVersion()
      Returns the decision definition version for the selected definition.
    • getHistoryTimeToLive

      Integer getHistoryTimeToLive()
      Returns the history time to live for the selected definition.
    • getFinishedDecisionInstanceCount

      long getFinishedDecisionInstanceCount()
      Returns the amount of finished historic decision instances.
    • getCleanableDecisionInstanceCount

      long getCleanableDecisionInstanceCount()
      Returns the amount of cleanable historic decision instances.
    • getTenantId

      String getTenantId()
      Returns the tenant id of the current decision instances.