Interface ExecutorService

All Known Implementing Classes:
CommonJWorkManagerExecutorService, ExecutorServiceBean, JcaWorkManagerExecutorService, JmxManagedThreadPool, MscExecutorService, SeExecutorService

public interface ExecutorService
Daniel Meyer
  • Method Details

    • schedule

      boolean schedule(Runnable runnable, boolean isLongRunning)

      Passes a Runnable to the runtime container for execution. Some runtime containers (like a Java EE container offer container provided infrastructure for executing background work (such as a JCA WorkManager). This method allows the process engine to take advantage of container infrastructure for doing background work.

      runnable - the Runnable to be executed.
      isLongRunning - indicates whether the runnable is a daemon.
      true if the runnable could be successfully scheduled for execution. 'false' otherwise.
    • getExecuteJobsRunnable

      Runnable getExecuteJobsRunnable(List<String> jobIds, ProcessEngineImpl processEngine)

      Returns a runnable to be used for executing Jobs.

      jobIds -
      processEngine -