Interface EventSubscription

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    public interface EventSubscription
    A message event subscription exists, if an Execution waits for an event like a message.
    Thorben Lindhauer
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      • getId

        String getId()
        The unique identifier of the event subscription.
      • getEventType

        String getEventType()
        The event subscriptions type. "message" identifies message event subscriptions, "signal" identifies signal event subscription, "compensation" identifies event subscriptions used for compensation events.
      • getEventName

        String getEventName()
        The name of the event this subscription belongs to as defined in the process model.
      • getExecutionId

        String getExecutionId()
        The execution that is subscribed on the referenced event.
      • getProcessInstanceId

        String getProcessInstanceId()
        The process instance this subscription belongs to.
      • getActivityId

        String getActivityId()
        The identifier of the activity that this event subscription belongs to. This could for example be the id of a receive task.
      • getTenantId

        String getTenantId()
        The id of the tenant this event subscription belongs to. Can be null if the subscription belongs to no single tenant.
      • getCreated

        Date getCreated()
        The time this event subscription was created.