Class TablePage

  • public class TablePage
    extends Object
    Data structure used for retrieving database table content.
    Tom Baeyens, Joram Barrez
    • Field Detail

      • tableName

        protected String tableName
      • total

        protected long total
        The total number of rows in the table.
      • firstResult

        protected long firstResult
        Identifies the index of the first result stored in this TablePage. For example in a paginated database table, this value identifies the record number of the result on the first row.
      • rowData

        protected List<Map<String,​Object>> rowData
        The actual content of the database table, stored as a list of mappings of the form {colum name, value}. This means that every map object in the list corresponds with one row in the database table.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TablePage

        public TablePage()
    • Method Detail

      • getTableName

        public String getTableName()
      • setTableName

        public void setTableName​(String tableName)
      • getFirstResult

        public long getFirstResult()
        the start index of this page (ie the index of the first element in the page)
      • setFirstResult

        public void setFirstResult​(long firstResult)
      • setTotal

        public void setTotal​(long total)
      • getTotal

        public long getTotal()
        the total rowcount of the table from which this page is only a subset.
      • getSize

        public long getSize()
        the actual number of rows in this page.