Class ExecutableScript

    • Field Detail

      • language

        protected final String language
        The language of the script. Used to resolve the ScriptEngine.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExecutableScript

        protected ExecutableScript​(String language)
    • Method Detail

      • getLanguage

        public String getLanguage()
        The language in which the script is written.
        the language
      • execute

        public Object execute​(ScriptEngine scriptEngine,
                              VariableScope variableScope,
                              Bindings bindings)

        Evaluates the script using the provided engine and bindings

        scriptEngine - the script engine to use for evaluating the script.
        variableScope - the variable scope of the execution
        bindings - the bindings to use for evaluating the script.
        the result of the script evaluation
        ProcessEngineException - in case the script cannot be evaluated.
      • getActivityIdExceptionMessage

        protected String getActivityIdExceptionMessage​(VariableScope variableScope)