Interface ModificationObserverBehavior

    • Method Detail

      • initializeScope

        List<ActivityExecution> initializeScope​(ActivityExecution scopeExecution,
                                                int nrOfInnerInstances)
        Implement to customize initialization of the scope. Called with the scope execution already created. Implementations may set variables, etc. Implementations should provide return as many executions as there are requested by the argument. Valid number of instances are >= 0.
      • createInnerInstance

        ActivityExecution createInnerInstance​(ActivityExecution scopeExecution)
        Returns an execution that can be used to execute an activity within that scope. May reorganize other executions in that scope (e.g. implement to override the default pruning behavior).
      • destroyInnerInstance

        void destroyInnerInstance​(ActivityExecution concurrentExecution)
        implement to destroy an execution in this scope and handle the scope's reorganization (e.g. implement to override the default pruning behavior). The argument execution is not yet removed.