Class ByteArrayManager

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    public class ByteArrayManager
    extends AbstractManager
    Joram Barrez
    • Constructor Detail

      • ByteArrayManager

        public ByteArrayManager()
    • Method Detail

      • deleteByteArrayById

        public void deleteByteArrayById​(String byteArrayEntityId)
        Deletes the ByteArrayEntity with the given id from the database. Important: this operation will NOT do any optimistic locking, to avoid loading the bytes in memory. So use this method only in conjunction with an entity that has optimistic locking!.
      • addRemovalTimeToByteArraysByRootProcessInstanceId

        public void addRemovalTimeToByteArraysByRootProcessInstanceId​(String rootProcessInstanceId,
                                                                      Date removalTime)
      • addRemovalTimeToByteArraysByProcessInstanceId

        public void addRemovalTimeToByteArraysByProcessInstanceId​(String processInstanceId,
                                                                  Date removalTime)
      • deleteByteArraysByRemovalTime

        public DbOperation deleteByteArraysByRemovalTime​(Date removalTime,
                                                         int minuteFrom,
                                                         int minuteTo,
                                                         int batchSize)