Class Authentication

  • public class Authentication
    extends Object

    Allows to expose the id of the currently authenticated user, his groups and his tenants to the process engine.

    The current authentication is managed using a Thread Local. The value can be set using #setCurrentAuthentication(String, List), retrieved using #getCurrentAuthentication() and cleared using #clearCurrentAuthentication().

    Users typically do not use this class directly but rather use the corresponding Service API methods:

    Tom Baeyens, Daniel Meyer
    • Field Detail

      • authenticatedUserId

        protected String authenticatedUserId
      • authenticatedGroupIds

        protected List<String> authenticatedGroupIds
      • authenticatedTenantIds

        protected List<String> authenticatedTenantIds
    • Constructor Detail

      • Authentication

        public Authentication()
      • Authentication

        public Authentication​(String authenticatedUserId,
                              List<String> groupIds)
      • Authentication

        public Authentication​(String authenticatedUserId,
                              List<String> authenticatedGroupIds,
                              List<String> authenticatedTenantIds)
    • Method Detail

      • getUserId

        public String getUserId()
      • getTenantIds

        public List<String> getTenantIds()