Class HistoricProcessInstanceEventEntity

    • Field Detail

      • businessKey

        protected String businessKey
        the business key of the process instance
      • startUserId

        protected String startUserId
        the id of the user that started the process instance
      • superProcessInstanceId

        protected String superProcessInstanceId
        the id of the super process instance
      • superCaseInstanceId

        protected String superCaseInstanceId
        the id of the super case instance
      • deleteReason

        protected String deleteReason
        the reason why this process instance was cancelled (deleted)
      • endActivityId

        protected String endActivityId
        id of the activity which ended the process instance
      • startActivityId

        protected String startActivityId
        id of the activity which started the process instance
      • tenantId

        protected String tenantId
        id of the tenant which belongs to the process instance
      • state

        protected String state
    • Constructor Detail

      • HistoricProcessInstanceEventEntity

        public HistoricProcessInstanceEventEntity()
    • Method Detail

      • getEndActivityId

        public String getEndActivityId()
      • setEndActivityId

        public void setEndActivityId​(String endActivityId)
      • getStartActivityId

        public String getStartActivityId()
      • setStartActivityId

        public void setStartActivityId​(String startActivityId)
      • getBusinessKey

        public String getBusinessKey()
      • setBusinessKey

        public void setBusinessKey​(String businessKey)
      • getStartUserId

        public String getStartUserId()
      • setStartUserId

        public void setStartUserId​(String startUserId)
      • getSuperProcessInstanceId

        public String getSuperProcessInstanceId()
      • setSuperProcessInstanceId

        public void setSuperProcessInstanceId​(String superProcessInstanceId)
      • getSuperCaseInstanceId

        public String getSuperCaseInstanceId()
      • setSuperCaseInstanceId

        public void setSuperCaseInstanceId​(String superCaseInstanceId)
      • getDeleteReason

        public String getDeleteReason()
      • setDeleteReason

        public void setDeleteReason​(String deleteReason)
      • getTenantId

        public String getTenantId()
      • setTenantId

        public void setTenantId​(String tenantId)
      • getState

        public String getState()
      • setState

        public void setState​(String state)