Class TenantCheck

    • Field Detail

      • isTenantCheckEnabled

        protected boolean isTenantCheckEnabled
        If true then the process engine performs tenant checks to ensure that the query only access data that belongs to one of the authenticated tenant ids.
      • authTenantIds

        protected List<String> authTenantIds
        the ids of the authenticated tenants
    • Constructor Detail

      • TenantCheck

        public TenantCheck()
    • Method Detail

      • isTenantCheckEnabled

        public boolean isTenantCheckEnabled()
      • getIsTenantCheckEnabled

        public boolean getIsTenantCheckEnabled()
        is used by myBatis
      • setTenantCheckEnabled

        public void setTenantCheckEnabled​(boolean isTenantCheckEnabled)
      • getAuthTenantIds

        public List<String> getAuthTenantIds()
      • setAuthTenantIds

        public void setAuthTenantIds​(List<String> tenantIds)