Class PerfTestRunner

  • public class PerfTestRunner
    extends java.lang.Object
    Daniel Meyer, Ingo Richtsmeier
    • Field Detail

      • executor

        protected java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService executor
      • passMonitor

        protected java.lang.Object passMonitor
      • doneMonitor

        protected java.lang.Object doneMonitor
      • isDone

        protected boolean isDone
      • exception

        protected java.lang.Throwable exception
    • Method Detail

      • init

        protected void init()
      • getExecutor

        public java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService getExecutor()
      • runPassWithThreadCount

        protected void runPassWithThreadCount​(int passNumberOfThreads)
      • notifyWatchersBeforePass

        protected void notifyWatchersBeforePass()
      • notifyWatchersAfterPass

        protected void notifyWatchersAfterPass()
      • completedStep

        public void completedStep​(PerfTestRun run,
                                  PerfTestStep currentStep)
        Invoked when a PerfTestRun completed a step
        run - the current Run
        currentStep - the completed step
      • completedRun

        public void completedRun​(PerfTestRun run)
        Invoked when a PerfTestRun is completed.
        run - the completed run
      • failed

        public void failed​(PerfTestRun perfTestRun,
                           java.lang.Throwable t)
      • logStepResult

        public void logStepResult​(PerfTestRun perfTestRun,
                                  java.lang.Object stepResult)
      • signalRun

        public static void signalRun​(java.lang.String runId)