Interface MigrationPlan

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    public interface MigrationPlan

    Specifies how process instances from one process definition (the source process definition) should be migrated to another process definition (the target process definition).

    A migration plan consists of a number of MigrationInstructions that tell which activity maps to which. The set of instructions is complete, i.e. the migration logic does not perform migration steps that are not given by the instructions

    A migration plan can include variables which will be set into the process instance scope after the migration.

    Thorben Lindhauer
    • Method Detail

      • getInstructions

        java.util.List<MigrationInstruction> getInstructions()
        the list of instructions that this plan consists of
      • getSourceProcessDefinitionId

        java.lang.String getSourceProcessDefinitionId()
        the id of the process definition that is migrated from
      • getTargetProcessDefinitionId

        java.lang.String getTargetProcessDefinitionId()
        the id of the process definition that is migrated to
      • getVariables

        VariableMap getVariables()
        the variables to be set after the migration to the process instances' scope