Class ProcessApplicationElResolverDelegate

  • public class ProcessApplicationElResolverDelegate
    extends AbstractElResolverDelegate

    This is an ELResolver implementation that delegates to a ProcessApplication-provided ELResolver. The idea is that in a multi-application setup, a shared process engine may orchestrate multiple process applications. In this setting we want to delegate to the current process application for performing expression resolving. This also allows individual process applications to integrate with different kinds of Di Containers or other expression-context providing frameworks. For instance, a first process application may use the spring application context for resolving Java Delegate implementations while a second application may use CDI or even an Apache Camel Context.

    The behavior of this implementation is as follows: if we are not currently running in the context of a process application, we are skipped. If we are, this implementation delegates to the underlying application-provided ELResolver which may itself be a CompositeELResolver.

    Daniel Meyer