Class Base64EncodedHashDigest

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    Sha512HashDigest, ShaHashDigest

    public abstract class Base64EncodedHashDigest
    extends java.lang.Object
    Daniel Meyer
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      boolean check​(java.lang.String password, java.lang.String encrypted)  
      protected byte[] createByteHash​(java.lang.String password)  
      protected createDigestInstance()  
      protected java.lang.String encodeHash​(byte[] hash)  
      java.lang.String encrypt​(java.lang.String password)  
      protected abstract java.lang.String hashAlgorithmName()
      allows subclasses to select the hash algorithm
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    • Constructor Detail

      • Base64EncodedHashDigest

        public Base64EncodedHashDigest()
    • Method Detail

      • encrypt

        public java.lang.String encrypt​(java.lang.String password)
      • check

        public boolean check​(java.lang.String password,
                             java.lang.String encrypted)
      • createByteHash

        protected byte[] createByteHash​(java.lang.String password)
      • createDigestInstance

        protected createDigestInstance()
      • encodeHash

        protected java.lang.String encodeHash​(byte[] hash)
      • hashAlgorithmName

        protected abstract java.lang.String hashAlgorithmName()
        allows subclasses to select the hash algorithm