Class DelegateInvocation

    • Constructor Detail

      • DelegateInvocation

        public DelegateInvocation​(BaseDelegateExecution contextExecution,
                                  ResourceDefinitionEntity contextResource)
        Provide a context execution or resource definition in which context the invocation should be performed. If both parameters are null, the invocation is performed in the current context.
        contextExecution - set to an execution
    • Method Detail

      • proceed

        public void proceed()
                     throws java.lang.Exception
        make the invocation proceed, performing the actual invocation of the user code.
        java.lang.Exception - the exception thrown by the user code
      • invoke

        protected abstract void invoke()
                                throws java.lang.Exception
      • getInvocationResult

        public java.lang.Object getInvocationResult()
        the result of the invocation (can be null if the invocation does not return a result)
      • getContextExecution

        public BaseDelegateExecution getContextExecution()
        returns the execution in which context this delegate is invoked. may be null