Class ParallelGatewayActivityBehavior

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    CoreActivityBehavior<ActivityExecution>, ActivityBehavior, SignallableActivityBehavior

    public class ParallelGatewayActivityBehavior
    extends GatewayActivityBehavior
    Implementation of the Parallel Gateway/AND gateway as definined in the BPMN 2.0 specification. The Parallel Gateway can be used for splitting a path of execution into multiple paths of executions (AND-split/fork behavior), one for every outgoing sequence flow. The Parallel Gateway can also be used for merging or joining paths of execution (AND-join). In this case, on every incoming sequence flow an execution needs to arrive, before leaving the Parallel Gateway (and potentially then doing the fork behavior in case of multiple outgoing sequence flow). Note that there is a slight difference to spec (p. 436): "The parallel gateway is activated if there is at least one Token on each incoming sequence flow." We only check the number of incoming tokens to the number of sequenceflow. So if two tokens would arrive through the same sequence flow, our implementation would activate the gateway. Note that a Parallel Gateway having one incoming and multiple ougoing sequence flow, is the same as having multiple outgoing sequence flow on a given activity. However, a parallel gateway does NOT check conditions on the outgoing sequence flow.
    Joram Barrez, Tom Baeyens