Interface HistoricTaskInstanceReportResult

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    public interface HistoricTaskInstanceReportResult
    Stefan Hentschel.
    • Method Detail

      • getCount

        java.lang.Long getCount()

        Returns the count of the grouped items.

      • getProcessDefinitionKey

        java.lang.String getProcessDefinitionKey()

        Returns the process definition key for the selected definition key.

      • getProcessDefinitionId

        java.lang.String getProcessDefinitionId()

        Returns the process definition id for the selected definition key

      • getProcessDefinitionName

        java.lang.String getProcessDefinitionName()

        Returns the process definition name for the selected definition key

      • getTaskName

        java.lang.String getTaskName()

        Returns the name of the task

        A task name when the query is triggered with a 'countByTaskName'. Else the return value is null.
      • getTenantId

        java.lang.String getTenantId()

        Returns the id of the tenant task