Interface ContextAssociationManager

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    public interface ContextAssociationManager
    Represents a means for associating an execution with a context.

    This enables activiti-cdi to provide contextual business process management services, without relying on a specific context like i.e. the conversation context.

    Daniel Meyer
    • Method Detail

      • disAssociate

        void disAssociate()
        Disassociates the current process instance with a context / scope
        ProcessEngineException - if no process instance is currently associated
      • getExecutionId

        java.lang.String getExecutionId()
        the id of the execution currently associated or null
      • getExecution

        Execution getExecution()
        get the current execution
      • setExecution

        void setExecution​(Execution execution)
        associate with the provided execution
      • setTask

        void setTask​(Task task)
        set a current task
      • getTask

        Task getTask()
        get the current task
      • setVariable

        void setVariable​(java.lang.String variableName,
                         java.lang.Object value)
        set a process variable
      • getVariable

        TypedValue getVariable​(java.lang.String variableName)
        get a process variable
      • getCachedVariables

        VariableMap getCachedVariables()
        a VariableMap of process variables cached between flushes
      • setVariableLocal

        void setVariableLocal​(java.lang.String variableName,
                              java.lang.Object value)
        set a local process variable
      • getVariableLocal

        TypedValue getVariableLocal​(java.lang.String variableName)
        get a local process variable
      • getCachedLocalVariables

        VariableMap getCachedLocalVariables()
        a VariableMap of local process variables cached between flushes
      • flushVariableCache

        void flushVariableCache()
        allows to flush the cached variables.