Annotation Type RequiredDatabase

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface RequiredDatabase

    This only works if ProcessEngineRule or AbstractProcessEngineTestCase is used. Furthermore, it only checks against the engines managed by these classes, e.g. it cannot prevent that a test builds a custom engine against any database.

    Check the constants in DbSqlSessionFactory for valid database names.

    Note that this uses the process engine to check the database type. If the test builds its own process engine, it may be a better idea to exclude the test via maven, to avoid the overhead of unnecessarily build the engine.

    • Optional Element Summary

      Optional Elements 
      Modifier and Type Optional Element Description
      java.lang.String[] excludes  
      java.lang.String[] includes  
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        java.lang.String[] excludes
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        java.lang.String[] includes