Class PluggableProcessEngineTestCase

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    public class PluggableProcessEngineTestCase
    extends AbstractProcessEngineTestCase
    Base class for the process engine test cases. The main reason not to use our own test support classes is that we need to run our test suite with various configurations, e.g. with and without spring, standalone or on a server etc. Those requirements create some complications so we think it's best to use a separate base class. That way it is much easier for us to maintain our own codebase and at the same time provide stability on the test support classes that we offer as part of our api (in org.camunda.bpm.engine.test).
    Tom Baeyens, Joram Barrez
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      • cachedProcessEngine

        protected static ProcessEngine cachedProcessEngine
        This class isn't used in the Process Engine test suite anymore. However, some Test classes in the following modules still use it: * camunda-engine-plugin-spin * camunda-engine-plugin-connect * camunda-identity-ldap It should be removed once those Test classes are migrated to JUnit 4.
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      • PluggableProcessEngineTestCase

        public PluggableProcessEngineTestCase()