Class TelemetryReporter

  • public class TelemetryReporter
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Field Detail

      • reportingIntervalInSeconds

        protected long reportingIntervalInSeconds

        public static long DEFAULT_INIT_REPORT_DELAY_SECONDS
        Report after 5 minutes the first time so that we get an initial ping quickly. 5 minutes delay so that other modules (e.g. those collecting the app server name) can contribute their data.

        public static long EXTENDED_INIT_REPORT_DELAY_SECONDS
        Report after 3 hours for the first time so that other modules (e.g. those collecting the app server name) can contribute their data and test cases which accidentally enable reporting are very unlikely to send data.
      • timer

        protected java.util.Timer timer
      • telemetryEndpoint

        protected java.lang.String telemetryEndpoint
      • telemetryRequestRetries

        protected int telemetryRequestRetries
      • httpConnector

        protected org.camunda.connect.spi.Connector<? extends org.camunda.connect.spi.ConnectorRequest<?>> httpConnector
      • telemetryRequestTimeout

        protected int telemetryRequestTimeout
    • Constructor Detail

      • TelemetryReporter

        public TelemetryReporter​(CommandExecutor commandExecutor,
                                 java.lang.String telemetryEndpoint,
                                 int telemetryRequestRetries,
                                 long telemetryReportingPeriod,
                                 TelemetryDataImpl data,
                                 org.camunda.connect.spi.Connector<? extends org.camunda.connect.spi.ConnectorRequest<?>> httpConnector,
                                 TelemetryRegistry telemetryRegistry,
                                 MetricsRegistry metricsRegistry,
                                 int telemetryRequestTimeout)
    • Method Detail

      • initTelemetrySendingTask

        protected void initTelemetrySendingTask()
      • start

        public void start()
      • reschedule

        public void reschedule()
      • stop

        public void stop()
      • stop

        public void stop​(boolean report)
      • reportNow

        public void reportNow()
      • isScheduled

        public boolean isScheduled()
      • getReportingIntervalInSeconds

        public long getReportingIntervalInSeconds()
      • setTelemetrySendingTask

        public void setTelemetrySendingTask​(TelemetrySendingTask telemetrySendingTask)
      • getTelemetryEndpoint

        public java.lang.String getTelemetryEndpoint()
      • getHttpConnector

        public org.camunda.connect.spi.Connector<? extends org.camunda.connect.spi.ConnectorRequest<?>> getHttpConnector()
      • getInitialReportingDelaySeconds

        public long getInitialReportingDelaySeconds()