Class DefaultJobExecutor

  • public class DefaultJobExecutor
    extends ThreadPoolJobExecutor

    This is a simple implementation of the JobExecutor using self-managed threads for performing background work.

    This implementation uses a ThreadPoolExecutor backed by a queue to which work is submitted.

    NOTE: use this class in environments in which self-management of threads is permitted. Consider using a different thread-management strategy in J(2)EE-Environments.

    Daniel Meyer
    • Field Detail

      • queueSize

        protected int queueSize
      • corePoolSize

        protected int corePoolSize
      • maxPoolSize

        protected int maxPoolSize
    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultJobExecutor

        public DefaultJobExecutor()
    • Method Detail

      • getQueueSize

        public int getQueueSize()
      • setQueueSize

        public void setQueueSize​(int queueSize)
      • getCorePoolSize

        public int getCorePoolSize()
      • setCorePoolSize

        public void setCorePoolSize​(int corePoolSize)
      • getMaxPoolSize

        public int getMaxPoolSize()
      • setMaxPoolSize

        public void setMaxPoolSize​(int maxPoolSize)