Class DateTimeUtil

  • public class DateTimeUtil
    extends java.lang.Object
    Utility for DateTime that uses the JVM timezone for date / time related operations. This is important as the JVM timezone and the system timezone may differ which leads to different behavior in SimpleDateFormat (using JVM default timezone) and JODA time (using system default timezone).
    Nico Rehwaldt
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      static org.joda.time.DateTime now()  
      static java.util.Date parseDate​(java.lang.String date)  
      static org.joda.time.DateTime parseDateTime​(java.lang.String date)  
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      • DateTimeUtil

        public DateTimeUtil()
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      • now

        public static org.joda.time.DateTime now()
      • parseDateTime

        public static org.joda.time.DateTime parseDateTime​(java.lang.String date)
      • parseDate

        public static java.util.Date parseDate​(java.lang.String date)