Class BpmnActivityBehavior

  • public class BpmnActivityBehavior
    extends java.lang.Object
    Helper class for implementing BPMN 2.0 activities, offering convenience methods specific to BPMN 2.0. This class can be used by inheritance or aggregation.
    Joram Barrez
    • Constructor Detail

      • BpmnActivityBehavior

        public BpmnActivityBehavior()
    • Method Detail

      • performDefaultOutgoingBehavior

        public void performDefaultOutgoingBehavior​(ActivityExecution activityExecution)
        Performs the default outgoing BPMN 2.0 behavior, which is having parallel paths of executions for the outgoing sequence flow. More precisely: every sequence flow that has a condition which evaluates to true (or which doesn't have a condition), is selected for continuation of the process instance. If multiple sequencer flow are selected, multiple, parallel paths of executions are created.
      • performIgnoreConditionsOutgoingBehavior

        public void performIgnoreConditionsOutgoingBehavior​(ActivityExecution activityExecution)
        Performs the default outgoing BPMN 2.0 behavior (@see performDefaultOutgoingBehavior(ActivityExecution)), but without checking the conditions on the outgoing sequence flow. This means that every outgoing sequence flow is selected for continuing the process instance, regardless of having a condition or not. In case of multiple outgoing sequence flow, multiple parallel paths of executions will be created.
      • performOutgoingBehavior

        protected void performOutgoingBehavior​(ActivityExecution execution,
                                               boolean checkConditions)
        Actual implementation of leaving an activity.
        execution - The current execution context
        checkConditions - Whether or not to check conditions before determining whether or not to take a transition.
      • isAncestorCompensationThrowing

        protected boolean isAncestorCompensationThrowing​(ActivityExecution execution)