Interface HistoricActivityStatistics

    • Method Detail

      • getId

        java.lang.String getId()
        The activity id.
      • getInstances

        long getInstances()
        The number of all running instances of the activity.
      • getFinished

        long getFinished()
        The number of all finished instances of the activity.
      • getCanceled

        long getCanceled()
        The number of all canceled instances of the activity.
      • getCompleteScope

        long getCompleteScope()
        The number of all instances, which complete a scope (ie. in bpmn manner: an activity which consumed a token and did not produced a new one), of the activity.
      • getOpenIncidents

        long getOpenIncidents()
        The number of open incidents of the activity.
      • getResolvedIncidents

        long getResolvedIncidents()
        The number of resolved incidents of the activity.
      • getDeletedIncidents

        long getDeletedIncidents()
        The number of deleted incidents of the activity.