Annotation Type PreUndeploy

  • @Target(METHOD)
    public @interface PreUndeploy

    Annotation that can be placed on a method of a ProcessApplication class.

    The method will be invoked before the process application is undeployed.

    LIMITATION: the annotation must be placed on a method of the same class carrying the @ProcessApplication annotation. Methods of superclasses are not detected.

    NOTE: A process application class must only define a single @PostDeploy Method.

    NOTE: if the @PostDeploy method throws an exception, the exception is logged but the container will still undeploy the application.

    Basic Usage example:

     @ProcessApplication("My Process Application")
     public class MyProcessApplication extends ServletProcessApplication {
      public void cleanup(ProcessEngine processEngine) {

    A method annotated with @PreUndeploy may additionally take the following set of parameters, in any oder:

    Daniel Meyer
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