Class HistoryCleanupHelper

  • public abstract class HistoryCleanupHelper
    extends java.lang.Object
    Svetlana Dorokhova.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HistoryCleanupHelper

        public HistoryCleanupHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • isWithinBatchWindow

        public static boolean isWithinBatchWindow​(java.util.Date date,
                                                  ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl configuration)
        Checks if given date is within a batch window. Batch window start time is checked inclusively.
        date -
      • parseTimeConfiguration

        public static java.util.Date parseTimeConfiguration​(java.lang.String time)
                                                     throws java.text.ParseException
      • prepareNextBatch

        public static void prepareNextBatch​(HistoryCleanupBatch historyCleanupBatch,
                                            CommandContext commandContext)
        Creates next batch object for history cleanup. First searches for historic process instances ready for cleanup. If there is still some place left in batch (configured batch size was not reached), searches for historic decision instances and also adds them to the batch. Then if there is still some place left in batch, searches for historic case instances and historic batches - and adds them to the batch.
        commandContext -
      • listMinuteChunks

        public static int[][] listMinuteChunks​(int numberOfChunks)
      • isBatchWindowConfigured

        public static boolean isBatchWindowConfigured​(CommandContext commandContext)